Dr. Kathryn Horwood

Dr. Kathryn Horwood received her Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degrees from the University of Alberta in 1990, and began practicing dentistry in Edmonton. In 1992, she moved to BC and became co-owner of PoCo Dental Group, becoming sole owner in 2008.

Dr. Kathy takes great care in listening to her patients, and in coming up with treatment plans that are individual to each patient's needs. Dr. Kathy is known to provide exemplary dental care to her patients, but she is known most of all for her gentleness and her concern for the comfort of the patients under her care.

Dr. Kathy continuously upgrades her dental training, belongs to several dental study clubs, and attends several seminars per year on the newest technologies and the latest techniques, to keep her skills and knowledge on the cutting edge. Dr. Kathy's dedication to unique and modern methods and equipment is evidenced by the state-of-the-art care her patients receive.

Dr. Kathy's recent continuing education includes:

The Crowner forensic-odontology seminar

Invisalign GP Summit aligner-orthodontistry seminars (2007, 2009)

Velscope oral-cancer screening seminar

World Endodontic Congress seminar

World Clinical Laser Institute seminars

Pacific Dental Conference (yearly)

Endodontic Prevention and Management seminar

Invisalign Certification Level 2

Phelan Dental seminar

Prosthodontic study club (Dr. Graham Matheson) (monthly)

Bone Grafting and Socket Preservation seminar

Seattle Study Club (monthly)
in addition to being a full member of the British Columbia Dental Association and the Canadian Dental Association, Dr. Kathy is a member of the BC Forensic Odontology Response Team and a supporter of the Bureau of Legal Dentistry. In 2005, Dr. Kathy went to Thailand as part of an international task force to help identify the many tsunami victims and bring peace and closure to loved ones worldwide. Dr. Kathy has also performed volunteer dentistry in Guatemala, for patients who would otherwise not receive dental care at all.

Dr. Kathy is active in the community, awarding prizes to children on behalf of the British Columbia College of Dental Surgeons, and speaking to groups of new parents and groups of preschoolers about dental care.

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Kathy enjoys mountain biking, skiing, adventure racing, and other outdoor pursuits, and is currently experiencing a shift in lifestyle with her marriage to her husband Kevin, in 2005, and the birth of her son Isaac, in 2006.

With her calm and patient demeanor, and her enthusiasm for providing informative, easy-to-understand answers to questions from her patients, Dr. Kathy's patients feel completely at ease and enjoy the dental care they receive. Dr. Kathy is always looking out for the best interests of her patients, and always investigates every option available for treating a given issue.

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